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Year 9

Learning outcomes and Specification referenceEdit

B1.2.2 Control in the human body B1 Lesson 16 Hormones
e Uses of hormones in the control of fertility – oral contraception and fertility drugs. Evaluate the benefits and problems of using hormones to control fertility.
State the hormones that may be present in oral contraceptives.
Link the hormones used in oral contraceptives to their effects on the body.
Produce a flow diagram to explain the process of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

Full Specification TextEdit

e) The uses of hormones in controlling fertility include:
■ giving oral contraceptives that contain hormones to inhibit FSH production so that no eggs mature

– oral contraceptives may contain oestrogen and progesterone to inhibit egg maturation
– the first birth-control pills contained large amounts of oestrogen. These resulted in women suffering significant side effects
– birth-control pills now contain a much lower dose of oestrogen, or are progesterone only
– progesterone-only pills lead to fewer side effects
■ giving FSH and LH in a ‘fertility drug’ to a woman whose own level of FSH is too low to stimulate eggs to mature, for example in In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment
– IVF involves giving a mother FSH and LH to stimulate the maturation of several eggs. The eggs are collected from the mother and fertilised by sperm from the father. The fertilised eggs develop into embryos. At the stage when they are tiny balls of cells, one or two embryos are inserted into the mother’s uterus (womb).

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