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B1.1.1 Keeping Healthy B1 Lesson 1&2 Healthy Diet
B1 Lesson 3 Factors affecting metabolic rate and health
B1 Lesson 4 Balance of the intake of energy expended
B1.1.2 How our bodies defend themselves against infectious diseases B1 Lesson 5 Pathogens and Aseptic Technique
B1 Lesson 6 Semmelweiss
B1 Lesson 7 How microbes make us ill and how the body protects itself
B1 Lesson 8 Natural and Acquired immunity
B1 Lesson 9 Vaccines
B1 Lesson 10 Medicines
B1 Lesson 11 Antibiotic Resistance
B1.2.1 The nervous system B1 Lesson 12 Nervous System
B1 Lesson 13 Reflex actions
B1.2.2 Control in the human body B1 Lesson 14 Control in the human body
B1 Lesson 15 Hormones
B1 Lesson 16 Hormones
B1.2.3 Control in plants B1 Lesson 17 Hormones
B1 Lesson 18 Use of Plant hormones in agriculture
B1 1.3.1 Drugs B1 Lesson 19 Drugs
B1 Lesson 20 Drugs Statins and Recreational Drugs
B1 Lesson 21 Smoking
B1 Lesson 22 Alcohol
B1 Lesson 22 Cannabis
B1 Lesson 23 Steroids and Performance enhancing drugs
Summary of B1.1, B1.2 and B1.3 B1 Lesson 24 Summary of B1.1, B1.2 and B1.3

B1 Part 2Edit

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B1.4.1 Adaptations B1 Lesson 25&26 Adaptations
B1 Lesson 27&28 Competition
B1.4.2 Environmental change B1 Lesson 29&30 Environmental Change
B1.5.1 Energy in biomass B1 Lesson 31 Biomass
B1 Lesson 32 Pyramids of Biomass
B1.6.1 Decay processes B1 Lesson 33&34 Decay Processes
B1.6.2 The carbon cycle B1 Lesson 35 The Carbon Cycle
B1.7.1 Why organisms are different B1 Lesson 36 Variation
B1 Lesson 37 Genes
B1.7.2 Reproduction B1 Lesson 38 Sexual and Asexual reproduction
B1 Lesson 39 The Ethics of Cloning, and Tissue Culture and Embryo transplants
B1 Lesson 40 Adult cell cloning
B1 Lesson 41 Genetic engineering
B1.8.1 Evolution B1 Lesson 42 Competing theories of Evolution
B1 Lesson 43 Evolution by natural selection
B1 Lesson 44 Evolution by natural selection
Summary of B1.4, B1.5, B1.6 and B1.7 B1 Lesson 45 Summary of B1.4, B1.5, B1.6 and B1.7

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